Wild salmon fillet with apricot chutney on a salad of sesame and wild herbs

Wild salmon fillet with apricot chutney on a salad of sesame and wild herbs
To prepare the salmon:
4 ready-to-cook wild salmon fillets (150 g each)
1 untreated lemon cut into approx. 12 2mm-thin slices
1 tsp. crushed black pepper
110 ml toasted sesame oil
1.5 tbsp. mixed toasted black and white sesame

To make the chutney:
2 peeled and sliced shallots
100 ml dry white wine
4 cl champagne vinegar
6 halved and stoned apricots
6 halved dried apricots
½ a diced red pepper (cubes of approx. 1 cm in length)
1 finely diced chilli pepper (select degree of heat as desired)
A little brown cane sugar
To serve:
80 g wild herb salad
4 tsp. wild honey
Fine sea salt for seasoning
8 slices of crusty baguette
A little fresh basil and green coriander
Start by filling a sous-vide cooker with water and preheating this to 50 °C.
Mix the toasted sesame seeds with the sesame oil.
Season the wild salmon fillet with fine sea salt and coarse black pepper, massaging in lightly. Cut the lemon slices in half again and lay them over the salmon fillets in the shape of a fan. Mix all the fillets with some sesame oil so that they are lightly coated with oil on all sides. This prevents them from sticking to the vacuum bag and enables them to be removed again easily after the cooking process. Place the prepared salmon fillets next to one another in one or two vacuum bags, and vacuum in a vacuum sealer. The fillets are then gently cooked for 15 minutes in the hermetically sealed bags floating in the sous-vide appliance.
While the salmon is cooking, place 1 tbsp. of sesame oil in a pan and sauté the shallots for the chutney, subsequently deglazing first with champagne vinegar and then with white wine. Place all the remaining ingredients for the chutney in the pan and allow everything to simmer gently for about five minutes.
Mix the wild herb salad with a little sesame oil and lightly salt. Place in the middle of the plates to form a base. After the cooking time, cut open the vacuum bags, remove the wild salmon fillets and place them on the salad. Season the chutney to taste with a little honey and sea salt and spread about a teaspoon of it on the salmon fillets, arranging the remaining chutney and the sesame oil around the salad. Finally, decorate with fresh green coriander and bush basil and add two slices of freshly toasted baguette to the plate.