Vegan pea soup

Vegan pea soup
130 g peeled shallots
70 g peeled waxy potatoes
5 g peeled ginger
60 g vegetable margarine
300 g frozen peas
350 ml almond milk
150 ml coconut milk
300 ml water
Juice of an untreated organic lime
A little fine natural sea salt
A few grinds of black pepper from the mill
Coarsely chop the shallots, potatoes and ginger. Sauté the shallots in the margarine until translucent, stirring continuously before adding the peas and continuing to sauté. Add the potatoes and ginger and deglaze with the two types of milk and the water. Simmer the mixture for approx. 20 minutes over a medium heat, season with salt and pepper and finally add the lime juice to the soup.
Fill the blender halfway with soup. Blend for approx. 1 minute on the lowest speed setting, and subsequently purée the mixture thoroughly for another 2 minutes at high speed. Finally, season again with some salt, pepper and/or lime juice.
The soup also tastes delicious with a watercress pesto and some toasted linseeds.