Fruity Cream of Tomato

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Fruity Cream of Tomato


500 g tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 small orange
60 g cashew kernels
4 basil leaves
Salt & pepper


Place all ingredients in the blender in the order listed above, and start the automatic programme for “Soup”.

Use the tamper to press down the contents during the blending process as necessary.

Enjoy immediately.

(TIP) Absolutely delicious served with a dollop of ‘Pesto Classico’ or crème fraîche. Those who prefer the soup slightly spicier should add a little red chilli to the blend.

When the soup programme is used, depending on the type, quantity and original temperature of the ingredients, the soup may be ready before the programme has finished. If an excessive amount of steam or food is emitted from the measuring cup in the lid, the programme should be stopped immediately. If it is left to run, soup may be forced out of the container and run down the outside of the appliance.

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