Raclette with potatoes

Raclette with potatoes
500 g potatoes
200 g raclette cheese
2 tomatoes
100 g cucumber
1/2 a pepper
1/2 an onion
300 g yoghurt
100 g creme fraiche
Paprika powder
Wash the potatoes thoroughly under running water and cool them in their skins. Those who prefer can eat them with the skins, or peel them as desired. Pre-heat the raclette grill and place the potatoes on it in a bowl to keep warm. Put the seasoning on the table so that everyone can season their potatoes and cheese themselves. Slice the raclette cheese (you can also use Gouda or Emmental) into thick slices and arrange on a wooden board. The slices should fit the raclette pans. Dice the tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and onion and arrange in bowls around the raclette grill. Mix the yoghurt with the creme fraiche, pepper, salt, paprika powder and fresh garlic. Place the yoghurt sauce on the table too. Each person can now fill his or her pan with the vegetables (possibly also salami, etc.) and top with the cheese. When gratinated, the contents of the pans are eaten with the potatoes and sauce as desired.