Pancake batter for pancake art

Pancake batter for pancake art
125 g flour
125 ml milk
2 tbsp. sugar (those with a sweet tooth can add up to 125 g sugar)
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 egg
Mix all the ingredients to a smooth batter using a hand mixer.
Tip: the batter can be dyed using baking cocoa or food colouring.
Afterwards, pour the batter into a piping bag with a fine tip. A second bag with a wider tip is useful for filling in the motifs later on. 
Pre-heat the crêpes maker to level 4. Then reduce the heat to level 2-3. The correct temperature is essential: if the appliance is too hot, then the first sections of batter will darken too quickly, but if it’s not hot enough, then the contours will run.
Now you’re ready to go: first of all, trace the dark sections, i.e. the motif’s contours using the fine piping tip. Then fill in the lighter sections with the wider piping tip. Cook the pancake briefly until the bottom is golden brown, before turning and cooking until done.
The pancakes taste even better with choco-nut cream or honey, etc.