Sundern, 31 August 2018 – SEVERIN presents a genuine world first at IFA 2018 in the shape of the fully-automatic citrus press. Thanks to the multi-size pressing cone, it always delivers the perfect juice yield – whether it's from a small lime or a large grapefruit. And best of all: The juice is always pressed out fully automatically in a matter of seconds with just one touch of the button, without any force having to be applied and with no annoying squirting.
The new citrus press is a real friend for everyday use, entirely in keeping with the SEVERIN motto "Friends for Life". With autumn and cooler weather fast approaching, it’s exactly the time when freshly squeezed juices help provide that all-important vitamin intake to give our immune system a boost.
To make things easier, SEVERIN has developed an innovative technology with which fresh juices can be prepared easily, quickly and cleanly. Pressing starts automatically at the press of a button, and it makes no difference whether we're using small or large fruits. There's no more inconvenient changing of the pressing cone, and thanks to the closed design there's no more squirting during use either.

The pouring spout enables the juice to be poured directly into a glass if you wish – with a drip stop of course, so that nothing is wasted. Finally, the pressing cone, fruit pulp sieve, juice collector tray and lid insert can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It goes without saying that all individual parts which come into contact with food are BPA-free. So vitamin-dodgers have absolutely no excuse this autumn!

The CP3537 citrus press will be available in stores from September / RRP: € 79.99.