Milk frothers

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Can I whip cream using my milk frother?

No, the appliance does not feature this function. We advise you to use an electric hand mixer, for example.

What sort of milk can I use in my milk frother?

We recommend that you use low-fat UHT milk (1.5% fat content) straight from your refrigerator. Soya milk, soya rice drink and almond milk can also be frothed. Oat drink and coconut milk are generally not suitable for frothing.

My milk frother fails to froth part of the milk.

Clean the container. It may be the case that old milk froth or detergent residues are preventing the milk from frothing, for example.

My milk frother fails to froth the milk / part of the milk will not froth.

Depending on the device, it is normal that around one third of the milk does not froth.