Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about all SEVERIN products and services. All questions and answers are categorised by topic for optimum clarity.

Can I use the supplied grill grate when the appliance is in microwave mode or when the combined programme is in use?

The grill grate can also be used in microwave or combined function mode, but must be placed in the middle of the turntable with at least two cm of space free on all sides.

Can I switch off the pilot light in the microwave?

This is not possible in most cases. If this is not stated explicitly in the operating instructions, then unfortunately not.

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My microwave turntable does not turn.

Check whether the rolling ring, hub and turntable are positioned correctly. Also check whether the rolling ring’s wheels are blocked as a result of soiling.

Can I use the microwave without the turntable?

Using the microwave without the hub, turntable and rolling ring is not recommended, as this results in the uneven heating of the food inside.
However, if you would like to heat food up in an ovenproof dish, for example, you can use the appliance without the hub, turntable and rolling ring. In this case, we recommend that you either stir the food regularly or heat it on the lowest setting for a longer period. This way, the heat can be distributed through the food more effectively.

How can I neutralise unpleasant odours in the interior of my microwave?

Fill a suitable bowl with water and place a sliced lemon inside. Subsequently heat this in the microwave for approx. five minutes at the highest setting. Finally, wipe down the interior with a soft cloth and some detergent. Afterwards, leave the door of the microwave open for a while to allow the moisture to escape.

My food is no more than lukewarm after being microwaved.

Check the selected power setting on your appliance, and increase this where necessary. Also check whether your tableware is microwaveable.

My food does not heat up evenly in my microwave.

Microwaves only penetrate the food to a depth of approx. 2-3 cm. The heat is distributed more or less effectively depending on the food type. Stir the food when heating once or several times and leave it to rest for a couple of minutes afterwards to allow the heat to be distributed more effectively.

Where and how do I position my microwave properly?

Please take note of the information in the operating instructions. You can also download the operating instructions from the respective product page on our website.

How do I know whether a container is microwaveable?

The tableware used in microwaves may not contain any metal, e.g. no gilt edges or metallic colours, unless they expressly state that they are microwaveable. Plastic tableware may be used, but must be able to withstand temperatures of at least 180°C and may not be made of melamine. The tableware may not contain any sealed cavities, e.g. in the handles. Porous tableware is also unsuitable. Suitable tableware should not heat up in the microwave. Tableware often features a label confirming whether it is microwaveable or not. If the appliance is used in grill or convection mode, all types of heat-resistant tableware and containers may be used which are suitable for use in conventional ovens. If the appliance is being used in combination mode, i.e. with a combination of grill or convection and microwave functions, the tableware must be microwaveable and heat-resistant.