Other kitchen appliances
Other kitchen appliances

Cut, crush, heat or shrink wrap: SEVERIN's wide product range has the perfect electrical appliance for every kitchen task. But all of our products have one thing in common: outstanding value for money paired with ease of use.

RK 2425

Rice Cooker

  • high-grade brushed stainless steel housing
  • removable, non-stick bowl
  • additional steam tier for cooking vegetables, meat, fish and potatoes

OD 2940

Fruit Dryer

  • dries fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • 5 grates can be stacked up or used separately
  • maximum temperature: approx. 85 °C (bottom) and 70 °C (top)
  • plastic housing

FS 3604

Bag Sealer

  • air-suction function
  • with sealing wire and cut off wire
  • viewing window
  • 2 pilot lights for vacuum control and sealing function

FS 3609

Vacuum appliance for sous-vide vacuum cooking

  • fully automatic suction and bag-sealing process
  • 2 pilot lights for varuum control and sealing function

DO 3854

Can Opener

  • finger-tip pressure on/off switch
  • automatic cutting operation
  • magnetic lid holder
  • handle removable for easy cleaning

UZ 3861

Food Chopper

  • 650 ml container with separate lid
  • max. 3,900 r.p.m.
  • stainless steel blade
  • pulse switch
  • safety switch
  • non-slip rubber ring

EM 3965

Electric Knife

  • safety on/off switch
  • finger protection
  • dishwasher safe blades
  • release button for blades

FS 3601

FS 3601 Compact vacuum sealer

  • FoodSave: up to 8 x longer fresh - especially with sensitive, short life food products - freezing without freezer burns