SEVERIN scores with coffee skills at the IFA 2019

Sundern, 6 September 2019 – Decades of know-how in product development, innovative technology and a sure sense for trends: Coffee preparation has a long tradition at SEVERIN. At IFA 2019, SEVERIN will be presenting a versatile, new world of products related to coffee. Whether you are an espresso lover, a coffee purist or a slurper of milk froth – anyone looking to enjoy excellent coffee at home will find SEVERIN the ideal product selection.
SEVERIN scores with coffee skills at the IFA 2019
Caprice: a classic reinterpreted

Twenty-five years ago, SEVERIN launched the Caprice coffee machine for the first time. To this day, it is popular with coffee purists worldwide, because the brewing method provides coffee as if it had been brewed by hand. SEVERIN reissued its classic in 2019: technically optimised and visually embellished, it is a real highlight for discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Certification from the European Coffee Brewing Centre proves that the new Caprice succeeds in providing SEVERIN with the preparation of filter coffee of the highest standard. The high standards of the ECBC process define important parameters in the brewing process, thus guaranteeing fully aromatic coffee enjoyment.

Furthermore: The Caprice makes coffee preparation an experience, because the new, transparent glass water tank makes it possible to observe the brewing process. So while you wait for the fresh coffee, you can see how the water begins to bubble before it comes in contact with the ground coffee in the stream brewing method. The newly developed, innovative Thermotronic technology ensures an ideal and, above all, constant brewing temperature of 92–96°C for filter coffee.

For individual coffee enjoyment, two brewing profiles for a mild or powerful aroma can be selected with a dial. An additional LED display activates the brewing process and conveniently operates the timer and the descaling function.

The new Caprice will be available from November 2019, RRP: 149.90 Euro
In addition to the variant with a glass jug, the Caprice is also available with a stainless steel thermo jug for an RRP of 179.90 Euro.

Espresa Plus: Full control for espresso lovers

Anyone who prepares the perfect espresso, including the crema, as a Barista does with a portafilter, knows how important the right pressure is. That's why SEVERIN leaves nothing to chance and has fitted the new Espresa Plus stainless steel portafilter with a pressure gauge to meet the highest demands. So you have the brewing process in a really high-quality, compactly equipped espresso machine which is always under control.

With an output of 1,350 watts and pressure of 15 bar, it doesn’t have to hide away. It heats up in just 40 seconds, the powerful thermoblock heating system ensures the perfect temperature espresso – you can even select three different temperature settings.

For coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc., the Espresa Plus has an integrated milk froth nozzle. In order to perfect the offer for ambitious hobby baristas, a professional set of accessories including a solid tamper and a stainless steel milk froth jug are also included. So, there’s nothing to stop espresso enjoyment at home with Italian flair.

The Espresa Plus will be available from November 2019, RRP: 199.90 Euro
The Espresa without a pressure gauge and accessory set is available for 149.90 Euro RRP.

A worldwide innovation – the Spuma 700 Plus: More than just milk froth

For many, the milk froth is simply part of the coffee. SEVERIN has been the market leader in the field of induction milk frothers for years and is continuously developing the technology. At this year's IFA, SEVERIN will be presenting its worldwide innovation - the Spuma 700 Plus, which can do much more than milk froth.

Equipped with 13 different programmes, it always has the right solution: no matter whether soy, cashew or lactosefree milk, the Spuma reliably delivers optimal froth. Extra programmes for hot chocolate, protein shakes, mulled wine or even baby food made from milk powder make it a versatile everyday helper.

The special programmes are selected via the innovative Easy-Select dial with high contrast OLED display. A stylish 360° LED light ring serves as a status indicator for hot or cold operation and changes on a colour scale from blue to red. So, the Spuma 700 Plus is not only an innovative all-rounder, but thanks to the unique design also a visual highlight in the kitchen. With an XXL capacity of 700ml it is ideal for families and office communities

The Spuma 700 Plus will be available from November 2019, RRP: 129.90 Euro
The Spuma 700 with fewer programmes and without OLED display is available with an RRP of 99.00 Euro and in a smaller version as the Spuma 500 with an RRP of 89.90 Euro.

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