SEVERIN is on course

In times of crisis, true strength of character is revealed. Despite the many challenges that the year 2020 has presented so far, SEVERIN continues its consistent pursuit of its chosen path of transformation for both company and brand. Investments in new products as well as in brand identity and team show that SEVERIN is standing by its service commitment, and will continue to be a reliable partner for the specialist retail trade in future.
SEVERIN is on course
Although 2020 has seen exceptional challenges, the first six months of the year, as well as the outlook for year-end business makes SEVERIN quite optimistic: “Since the relaunch in 2018, we have been working continuously on SEVERIN’s brand image, and – even in these difficult times – are investing continuously in the brand’s repositioning. We have given our trade partners a service commitment against which we constantly measure ourselves”, says SEVERIN’s Managing Director Christian Strebl. The new eBBQ range, which has been launched successfully on the market since spring 2020, is a credible example of how this is even possible during a crisis such as Corona.

Joint business plan with four central pillars:
The realignment’s stated aim is the provision of retailers with additional sales arguments for increased productivity per unit of floor space via the continuous development of the brand image and innovative products. SEVERIN has issued a joint business plan with four central pillars for the strategic expansion of the successful cooperation with its retail partners: further development of existing activities to secure sales, limited and clearly accentuated special offers, the introduction of new, clearly defined and high-margin product series and the associated expansion of the product range at the POS with corresponding sales-promoting measures. “We are delighted to be able to present the ‘next step’ to our retail partners and end consumers. We focus deliberately on a collaboration with those retail partners who are willing to position the SEVERIN brand in a brand-forming way and thus achieve the transformation together with us,” emphasises Christian Strebl.

Product innovations in autumn 2020
For this autumn, SEVERIN has announced the release of a wide range of new products from the focus product groups Coffee & Breakfast, Cooling & Freezing, Microwaves, eBBQ & Funfood as well as Floorcare, which represent SEVERIN’s new brand image. “After we presented highlight products, especially those in the Coffee and eBBQ segments, with a recognisable design language last year, we are now showing that we are continuing this strategy into the depths of the portfolio,” explains Christian Strebl. SEVERIN will launch toasters and yoghurt makers on the market, for instance, that convince in terms of design as well as innovative features.

New business segment: Microwave
An important focus is the topic of microwaves, which is clearly being enhanced: Chris-tian Strebl comments: “We are observing that, especially in the Corona era, many people who are staying at home and cooking for themselves now have different needs, and are looking for an upgrade for their homes. Our new microwaves, which are equipped with numerous additional features and can do much more than just reheat-ing, perfectly serve these needs.” SEVERIN is positioning the new microwaves, in which grilling, baking and cooking food can even be performed on two levels, as high-quality multifunctional appliances. This opens up a new business segment with additional potential for the company’s trade partners.

Further development: Refrigerators & Floorcare
SEVERIN is also positioning itself in the large appliances sector in a new and stronger way. The current refrigerator portfolio ranges from French door and side-by-side appli-ances with high-quality inverter technology and a stylish dark inox design to economical low-frost fridge-freezer combinations and double-door models for smaller households.
SEVERIN is establishing the Floorcare segment as a focus product group and including it in the realignment’s strategic activities. Step by step, a new, powerful range will be developed, which will be available to trade partners at the start of the new year.

eBBQ in 2021
Last but not least, we mustn’t neglect the next barbecue season: the industry can already look forward to the further development of the SEVO GT and GTS series. Christian Strebl is delighted to announce, that, “with fresh ideas and innovative features, we prove that our skilled eBBQ potential is far from exhausted. We are making continuous investments in technological development and offering our trade partners a special innovation for next year’s barbecue season.” In addition, SEVERIN will be issuing a wide range of accessories from pizza stones to cast-iron grill racks including POS presentation solutions, which will generate additional business in 2021.

Investment in team and brand
In addition to the investment in innovative products, the focus continues to be placed on positioning the SEVERIN brand in a brand-forming way. Direct communication with the end customer via social media, the corporate website and blog and specially produced, high-quality content ensures attention and a reach from which trade partners benefit. In order to develop this brand image and convey it profitably, SEVERIN relies on a well-positioned team – both internally and in its sales force. The company also invests in the existing and proven team by offering professional further education measures as well as by hiring new employees. It follows that SEVERIN is welcoming Helene Tausch to its team, who, as product manager, is responsible for the focus product group Microwaves. Lara Julia Kemper will be working as assistant to Sascha Steinberg, Director of Marketing & Product Management, whose remit will be closely supported both internally and externally. As webshop and content manager, Heike Neven is responsible for the further development and expansion of the SEVERIN brand in alignment with the needs of both retail trade and end consumer within the context of its digital transformation.
SEVERIN’s top priority remains its commitment to be a reliable industry partner, building on the benefits of personal contact in order to be able to respond to the specialist trade partners’ individual needs in the best possible way.

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