Pepper steak au gratin

Pepper steak au gratin
1 onion
3-4 tbsp. vinegar
Coarse pepper
1/2 a tsp. sugar
3-4 tbsp. oil
250 g cherry tomatoes
1/2 a lettuce
4 beef steaks (approx. 170 g each)
200 g mushrooms
200 g tomatoes
1 small bunch of spring onions
75 g pepper-flavoured cream cheese
Start by peeling and mincing the onion finely. Combine with vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar. Then add the oil, beating vigorously. Wash and halve the cherry tomatoes. Clean and wash the lettuce, tear into pieces and drain. Mix with the tomatoes and marinade, and pat the meat dry. Clean and wash the mushrooms and remove the stalks. Then wash and slice the tomatoes. Clean and wash the spring onions. Grill the meat for approx. 8 minutes and the mushrooms and vegetables for approx. 3 minutes on the automatic grill. Season everything to taste, top the meat with the cheese and gratinate. Finally, sprinkle with pepper.