Exotic grilled duck skewers

Exotic grilled duck skewers
320 g skinless duck breast
2 red peppers
1 small pineapple
Iodised salt
Freshly ground pepper
1 tsp. rapeseed oil
Rinse the duck breast under cold running water, pat dry and cut into bite-sized pieces. Clean and wash the peppers, de-seed and cut into pieces. Then peel and quarter the pineapple, remove the flesh from the stem and cut into pieces. Thread the cubes of duck breast onto the skewer, alternating with pieces of pepper and pineapple. Season with a little iodised salt and freshly ground pepper and brush with rapeseed oil. Place the duck skewers on the barbecue grill and grill until crispy all over. Serve with freshly-baked baguette. If using a barbecue grill with grill grate, we recommend that you place a grill tray underneath the latter.