Powerful and flexible: new 2-in-1 cordless handheld and upright vacuum cleaner from SEVERIN

Rechargeable vacuum cleaners are very much in vogue as versatile household helpers. SEVERIN makes no compromises in terms of suction power and run time, as the new HV 7166 handheld and upright vacuum cleaner "S'Power”, which boasts a very strong digital motor and 60 minutes’ run time, demonstrates.
Powerful and flexible: new 2-in-1 cordless handheld and upright vacuum cleaner from SEVERIN
The numbers speak for themselves: the 400 watt digital motor with 100,000 r.p.m. and a suction power of 23kPA ensure the new HV 7166 rechargeable vacuum cleaner is literally a cordless power pack. SEVERIN also relies on full power when it comes to battery performance: a 25.2V lithium-ion battery with long-life Samsung cells allows 60 minutes of vacuuming without charging. This makes the SEVERIN “S’Power” ideal for larger apartments, and the model is designed to tackle both hard floors and carpets with ease. Even animal hair, deep-seated dirt, fine dust and allergens are effortlessly re-moved by the high-speed electric brush with LED lighting. Depending on the degree of soiling, you can choose between three power levels, the “eco”, “middle” and “power” modes.
The innovative filter system with E12 exhaust air filter and the easy emptying and cleaning of the dust container are of particular relevance for allergy sufferers, as there is no need for tiresome changing of the dust bag.

In the daily battle against dust and dirt, the rechargeable vacuum cleaner is convincing due to its flexibility.Thee SEVERIN “S’Power” can be transformed from an upright to a handheld device at the push of a button, thus multiplying possible areas of use - whether in the car, on upholstered furniture or in narrow niches - many times over. SEVERIN also supplies the accessories in the form of the handy 2-in-1 attachment for upholstery and the crevice nozzles.

“Floorcare is completely repositioning itself in the trend area of rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners with this product. The market is booming and the demands of the end consumer are growing along with it - both in terms of design and in of functionality and technical requirements. End customers are definitely willing to invest more in suitable, convincing products. We have specialised in tailoring the performance data of our product range precisely to these needs and have thus set the course for high sales and the best speeds,” says Kitty Zong - Global Business Dev. Director (Floorcare)

The HV 7166 2-in1 cordless handheld and upright vacuum cleaner “S’Power” will be available in stores in the autumn / RRP: € 249.00

Find out more at: www.severin.de

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