It’s tea time: "Professional" tea kettle for perfect tea enjoyment

Autumn is tea season. Whether it's a morning ritual, a relaxing break or a tried-and-tested remedy for the first signs of a cold - when properly made, tea is an allrounder for the body and mind. For perfect tea enjoyment, SEVERIN presents the "Professional" tea kettle with an auto-lift function. Five preset tea programmes ensure that the water temperature and the brewing time are always right.
It’s tea time: “Professional” tea kettle for perfect tea enjoyment
Tea lovers know that not only the brewing time but also the water temperature are crucial to the aroma. While black tea can be infused with water at a temperature of 100 degrees, green tea becomes at best bitter or at worst undrinkable at this high temperature. The new "Professional" tea kettle from SEVERIN goes a long way towards ensuring that tea is always perfectly made, even in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

An integrated tea strainer with an innovative automatic lift function guarantees that your favourite tea will always develop the desired aroma. Simply set the right brewing time of 1 - 15 minutes, along with the temperature level of 40° C -100° C, and the tea strainer automatically lowers as soon as the water has reached the correct temperature. Once the brewing time has elapsed, it rises again automatically and the tea is ready. There's no need to set an additional alarm clock in the kitchen, just do the important things quickly ... because a "timer & staywarm function" ensures that the tea stays at the right temperature even if you don't want to drink it immediately after you've made it.

If you want things even more convenient, use one of the five preset programs for the most popular types of tea: black, green and white tea, as well as oolong and herbal tea. One push of a button is enough, and the tea kettle will make up to 1 litre of your favourite tea. If the hot water isn't needed for tea but for your hot water bottle or as water for cooking pasta, the full capacity of 1.7 litres is available. Even better: The "Quick-Boil function" enables you to boil water 30% more quickly* thanks to a powerful
3,000 watts.

The glass tea kettle with its stainless steel details and the typical SEVERIN blue backlit controls is visually striking. The high-quality tea strainer is especially fine so that you can also make rooibos tea, for example. All parts are of course 100% BPA-free, for a perfect tea-drinking experience.

The "Professional" tea kettle WK3422 is now available from dealers / Recommended price: 149.90 Euro

*compared with the SEVERIN WK 3473

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