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Grilled food is cooked through more quickly on one side of the grill grate than on the other.

Check whether the appliance is straight, and whether you have placed enough water in the tray. The appliance must be placed on a flat surface for even results.

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How do I remove residues from the grill grate on my electric barbecue grill?

If your grill grate is chrome-plated, apply conventional baking powder to all the particularly soiled areas. Then fill a washing tub or similarly large container with hot water, place the grate inside and leave it to soak for around an hour. Afterwards, the residues can be removed easily with a normal dishcloth. If you have a coated grill grate, it is sufficient to soak the grate in hot water with detergent for around an hour and then wipe it clean.

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My operating instructions state that I should only operate the grill with water in the tray provided. Why? (Appliance-dependent)

During operation, fat or meat juices emerging from the grilled goods drip into the collection container. Without water, these can quickly solidify and burn, and may produce unpleasant odours or even catch fire.

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May I cover the grilled food on my electric barbecue grill with aluminium foil or grill trays?

No, because this may result in an accumulation of heat, and the appliance may be damaged or even destroyed.

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The heating element on my electric barbecue grill fails to heat up.

The heating element features a safety micro switch so that it only heats up when it has been placed in the housing correctly. Please check whether the heating element has been placed in the housing correctly.

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