Does more than just warm up: 4-in-1 microwave with Pizza Express function

Pizza fans will love the new MW 7759 microwave from SEVERIN. Thanks to the innovative Pizza Express function, the pizza is ready in just 10 minutes, with no defrosting or preheating required. It’s all thanks to the double grill with upper and lower heat, which is also perfect for baking delicious cakes and other delicacies.
Does more than just warm up: 4-in-1 microwave with Pizza Express function
With the MW 7759, SEVERIN is launching a microwave which convinces with superior multifunctionality. The MW 7759 puts the era when microwaves were only used for warming up firmly behind us. The double grill with upper and lower heat, the preheating function and ultra-hot air function with up to 230 °C all ensure that it gives any oven a run for its money.

The microwave excels particularly at pizza baking: the innovative Pizza Express function ensures that a perfectly baked frozen pizza is achieved in just 10 minutes - at the touch of a button, without preheating and without defrosting. The double grill with upper and lower heat also makes the base crispy, just as a delicious pizza should be. Overall, the pizza is ready up to 50%* faster than in a conventional oven. Freshly prepared pizzas are naturally also a great success.

But the SEVERIN MW 7759 makes so much more possible: with its microwave, con-vection oven and upper and lower heat, it combines four functions in a single appliance and thus facilitates baking and cooking. Be it cake or bread rolls, gratinating or defrosting - the MW 7759 offers a wide range of preparation options, including time and energy savings.

The new pizza microwave also scores points in terms of functionality: the LED touch display and “Easy Select” concept, access to 10 power levels and 11 automatic programmes are all highly intuitive. Keypad tones can be switched on or off as required. Defrosting according to weight and time and the option of saving three favourite dishes are additional features that prove extremely handy for everyday use.

“This autumn’s new microwave highlights offer our retail partners innovative trend products that could become the segment’s new standard. This generation of appliances is carefully tailored to the eating and living habits of potential buyers. Convincing unique selling points combined with multifunctionality in SEVERIN’s new design language are accompanied by effective sell-out measures for the retail trade. It’s our contribution to growth in this segment,” says product manager Helene Tausch.

The 4-in-1 microwave MW 7759 will be available in stores from October / RRP: €219.00

*depends on the size and type of pizza and the desired baking result

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