Chokeberry & pear jam

Chokeberries sound exotic, but they aren’t really: “The chokeberry shrub originated in North America, made its way to Russia around 150 years ago, and is now even found in Germany,” explains Martina. The chokeberries, or aronia berries, are actually cultivated as ornamental shrubs. The berries have a bitter, sweet-and-sour taste, and most people don’t enjoy eating them raw as a result of the tannins. They only become palatable if you freeze them! This rids them of the bitter taste, but they stay rather sour. Or you can make them into jam - like Martina, for example:
Chokeberry & pear jam
800 g chokeberries
200 ml water
2 peeled and diced pears (approx. 400g)
2 cm finely grated ginger (approx. 12g)
10 g lime juice
600 g 2:1 preserving sugar
Boil the washed chokeberries, pear pieces and grated ginger for 10 minutes in the water. Subsequently purée for approx. 10 minutes with the hand blender.
Bring to a rolling boil for 4 minutes with the lime juice and preserving sugar and pour into jars. To refine the taste, you can also strain the purée through a sieve or place in a food mill to filter out the smallest pips. When dried, you can use the resulting pomace as a healthy addition to fruit teas.
Martina’s tip: Substitute the water for pomegranate juice and use this to make the jam.