Banana & strawberry compote yoghurt

Banana & strawberry compote yoghurt
A litre of full-fat milk
1 starter culture

For the compote:
1 banana
200 g strawberries
4 tbsp. brown sugar
Chop the fruit and place in a saucepan. Add the sugar and cook the fruit at a low heat until the compote forms. Then leave to cool.

Place the milk (room temperature) in a large bowl with the starter culture and mix carefully. Either place a large tablespoonful of compote in each jar and pour over the milk and starter culture mixture without stirring,
or mix the compote and the milk and starter culture mixture before adding to the jars. This results in a very pleasant consistency - something between yoghurt and compote.

The place the jars in the yoghurt maker for 8-10 hours, depending on the desired consistency. Subsequently leave to firm up in the refrigerator for 8 hours.