Almond milk-pistachio yoghurt

Delicious and home-made!
Almond milk-pistachio yoghurt
For the yoghurt:
A litre of full-fat milk
1 starter culture
For the almond milk:
100 g ground almonds
3 tbsp. brown sugar
For the pistachios:
Approx. 15 pistachios
Bring the milk to the boil with the sugar and ground almonds.
Leave to infuse for 3 hours before straining.

Carefully mix the cooled milk with the starter culture and add to the jars.
Peel and skin the pistachios. Add to the milk mixture in the jars. Place the jars in the yoghurt maker for 6-7 hours before chilling in the refrigerator. The natural fruit acid means that this yoghurt doesn’t keep for long, so it should be enjoyed as soon as possible.