Coffee grinders von SEVERIN

Coffee grinders

Enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee every day: with an electric coffee grinder. You can adjust the grind and the strength of your coffee to suit your preference. Another advantage: savour the most finely nuanced aromas when using your filter coffee or filter holding espresso machine.

  • Barbecue and fun food
  • The perfect coffee
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast
  • Household
  • HairCare
  • Cooling & freezing

KM 3873
Coffee Grinder

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KM 3874
Coffee Grinder

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KM 3868
Coffee Mill

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Great recipe ideas for mouth-watering cooking with SEVERIN.

All about the perfect coffee

Do you prefer your americano, espresso or cappuccino with a delicious milk froth cap? With SEVERIN products you benefit from years of experience making coffee: whether you're looking for a convenient fully automated coffee machine, a standard coffee machine or an easy-to-use espresso machine. And a milk frother can even add a dash of glamour to filter coffee.