The perfect coffee von SEVERIN

The perfect coffee

And SEVERIN has quite a bit to say about that. Since many years our name stands for perfection across the whole coffee spectrum: from the classic filter coffee machine to pump portion espresso machines with filter sieves, from the practical milk frother to the electric coffee grinder. And the exclusive, fully automatic coffee machines are especially exciting.

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Fully automated machines

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Filter coffee maker with glass jug

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Filter coffee maker with thermo jug

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Espresso machines

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Coffee grinders

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Milk frother

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Great recipe ideas for mouth-watering cooking with SEVERIN.

All about the perfect coffee

Do you prefer your americano, espresso or cappuccino with a delicious milk froth cap? With SEVERIN products you benefit from years of experience making coffee: whether you're looking for a convenient fully automated coffee machine, a standard coffee machine or an easy-to-use espresso machine. And a milk frother can even add a dash of glamour to filter coffee.