Preserving boilers von SEVERIN

Preserving boilers

Mobile preserve-making made easy: SEVERIN preserving boilers are reliable and take most of the work off your shoulders. Simply plug it in and select the right temperature. Thanks to an automatic control you do not have to monitor the temperature.

  • Barbecue and fun food
  • The perfect coffee
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast
  • Household
  • HairCare
  • Cooling & freezing

EA 3653
Preserving Boiler

EA 3653 - Preserving Boiler
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EA 3650
Preserving Boiler

EA 3650 - Preserving Boiler
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EA 3657
Party Cooker

EA 3657 - Party Cooker
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EA 3658
Party Cooker

EA 3658 - Party Cooker
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All about the kitchen

SEVERIN's cooking appliances make cooking and baking even more fun: efficient food processors are reliable aids for stirring, kneading, grating and chopping. And soon, you won't be able to live without many of our other electric appliances in the kitchen either. The result: great results even faster.