Mr. Twister from SEVERIN for conscious nutrition:

Mr. Twister from SEVERIN for conscious nutrition:

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 12:15
Mr. Twister from SEVERIN for conscious nutrition:
healthy, diverse low-carb veggie noodles within seconds at the touch of a button

Sundern, September 2016 - Conscious nutrition is becoming a top priority for many. Among other things, this is illustrated by the food trends which have emerged in recent years, such as low carb and paleo, in which a healthy diet and fresh food is on the menu. The World Health Organization also recommends that we consume at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. SEVERIN keeps monotony at bay with the new "Mr. Twister", ensuring that these healthy pleasures never lose their appeal. The electric spiraliser transforms fresh vegetables into delicious low-carb veggie noodles, fresh raw vegetable salads or potato spirals in a flash.

Low carb, raw food or paleo – although these various food trends have different origins, they all have something in common: fruits and vegetables play a prominent role, while carbohydrates are largely dispensed with. Taking the raw food principle as an example, the food eaten is not cooked, because raw fruits and vegetables feature highly on the menu. The paleo approach to nutrition, also known as the Stone Age diet, is aligned to the original diet eaten by hunters and gatherers. This means that seasonal and regional fruits and vegetables are served up, while processed foods, sugar and wheat are off limits. Like the low-carb diet, paleo also excludes bread, pasta and co.
However, those who are reluctant to banish pasta dishes from their diet completely or fancy adding variety to their veggies will absolutely adore the spiraliser and its skills. Tasks previously performed laboriously by hand are now possible easily and at lightning speed with the new Mr. Twister KM 3920 from SEVERIN. The electric spiraliser guarantees healthy, diverse low-carb noodles, mouth-watering raw vegetables salads or potato spirals at the touch of a button.
Veggie noodles and raw vegetable salads in an instant
The long-established German company is launching a product innovation on the market in Mr. Twister, which replaces the mechanical spiraliser. Be it zucchini, carrots or beetroot - the kitchen assistant spiralises the veggies before you know it. If you're yearning for a plate of so-called "zoodles", or zucchini noodles, Mr. Twister has no trouble creating extra-long veggie spirals resembling spaghetti - but which won't make you pile on the pounds.
Mr. Twister also boasts two different knife inserts with extremely sharp stainless steel blades. As a result, both narrow "spaghetti" (5 mm-wide), and broader "tagliatelle" (9 mm-wide) can be prepared with no trouble. The small kitchen assistant is also very easy to use. The vegetable is fixed in the tamper and inserted at the top before being shredded by the rotating knives and finally landing in the collection container.
Perfect for "low carbers", vegetarians or vegans
The electric spiraliser from traditional German company SEVERIN is the perfect appliance for vegetarians, vegans and those following the raw food or low-carb trends. It's all too easy to fall into boring patterns when the same foods are eaten time and again. To ensure that home cuisine continues to appeal, Mr. Twister prepares crisp vegetables in a very special way. The cutter turns carrots into veggie noodles in the blink of an eye, for instance, resulting in delicious, healthy dishes when combined with a variety of pasta sauces. Mr. Twister is also ideal for preparing crunchy raw vegetable salads. Not only the salad is easy to make, but the veggie spirals look very pretty on the plate. The device is also adept at jazzing up meals for kids, who are great fans of the long spirals' amusing shape, meaning that the daily serving of vitamins not only tastes better, but is great fun, too!
The spiralised vegetables can either be eaten immediately or prepared ahead for the next day. Vegetarians, vegans and low-carbers often have trouble finding suitable alternatives for their lunch breaks. With Mr. Twister, it's easy to whip up a healthy and delicious meal for the day in the office - in no time at all!
The electric spiraliser is available in stores for a recommended retail price of 79.99 euros.


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