Grilling in the city

Grilling in the city

Friday, 30 September, 2016 - 18:00
Grilling in the city
safe and delicious grilling indulgence with barbecue grills from SEVERIN

Sundern, September 2016 – Summertime is grill time - but not everyone has a garden, and some residential complexes forbid balcony barbecuing, as the neighbours may be bothered by the fumes and the smell, finding them unpleasant. However, those who don't want to deny themselves the barbecue pleasures are advised to invest in an electric grill. Family enterprise SEVERIN has over 20 years' experience in the manufacture of electric grills, and is the market leader in this segment. Barbecue grills PG 2794 and PG 2792 from SEVERIN guarantee perfect grilled results - without charcoal and smoke.

Everyone loves barbecues: be it a traditional steak, sausages, fish, vegetables or vegetarian options with tofu, the possibilities are endless. As a result, open-air barbecue evenings with friends and family are very popular. However, many persons do live in cities and don't have the luxury of their own gardens, so they have to make do with a balcony. Fans of grilled delicacies are advised to find out whether barbecuing is permitted in their housing complex. If the rental contract contains no regulation on this issue, it could be wise to invest in an electric grill.

Quality "Made in Germany"
The traditional German company SEVERIN is a market leader in the field of electric barbecue grills. More than ten different models are produced at the company's headquarters in Sundern, located in the Sauerland region - a clear commitment to the "Made in Germany" seal of excellence.
The various barbecue grills enjoy a major advantage over charcoal grills: "In addition to the low build-up of smoke and odours, electric grills are extremely safe and produce rapid, delicious barbecued results: simply plug in and get started," says SEVERIN managing director Rudolf Schulte. As they also require neither charcoal nor gas, the grills are thus more economical than other types of equipment.

Plug & Grill - plug in and get grilling
Simply put the plug in and the barbecue grills, which boast wattages of up to 2,500, are ready for use in no time - so no one has to wait too long for their sausage or steak. The barbecue grills PG 2794, a table-top barbecue grill, and PG 2792, a stand-alone barbecue
grill, are equipped with a water-filled grill tray to ensure that the grease doesn't burn, but instead drips into the water below. This keeps the generation of any smoke or odours as low as possible. The PG 2794 also comes with a ceramic-coated grill wire. This coating, usually only found in frying pans, guarantees perfect, healthy barbecued food. It ensures that the meat or vegetables are not only cooked rapidly, but also extremely gently. A special feature of both models is the generous grill surface, meaning that the simultaneous preparation of large amounts of delicious barbecue treats is no trouble at all.
The grills are easy to operate thanks to the variable thermostat, and the heating element automatically switches off when removed, guaranteeing extra safety. After the barbecue is over, the PG 2794 can be cleaned very quickly and easily. The two-piece ceramic grill plate is easy to remove and is even dishwasher-proof. The PG 2792's chromium-plated grill wire is also detachable and easy to clean. This model also boasts a handy lower frame with storage grate. A similar frame is also available for the PG 2794 from SEVERIN, and can be purchased as required.
SEVERIN launched a grill innovation on the market in the form of the Wurster, a special grill for sausages. The Wurster grills two broiled sausages in just 5 minutes at the touch of a button, guarantees evenly browned, crisp sausages and is ideal for a quick and easy barbecued snack.
The PG 2794 and PG 2792 from the traditional German company SEVERIN are available in stores for a RRP of 99.90 euros.
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