Gourmet cuisine at home: “Cuisina Herba Barona”

Gourmet cuisine at home: “Cuisina Herba Barona”

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 13:45
Gourmet cuisine at home: “Cuisina Herba Barona”

Sundern, September 2016 – Cooking is one of the most popular hobbies. Aspiring gourmet cooks need not only passion, but also the right equipment. For this purpose, SEVERIN and the German TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff put out a gourmet series on the market exclusively with the traditional German company SEVERIN. “With it now ambitious amateur cooks can also enjoy the advantages of professional equipment,” says the top chef. The Premium range extends from a Slow Juicer for making healthy juices to a blender for tasty, vitamin-rich smoothies. And a sous-vide cooker makes it easy to prepare the perfect steak. In addition, a hand mixer for preparing various dough versions and an automatic waffle maker for baking delicious desserts are also part of the gourmet series. All products stand out by virtue of their high quality and ease of handling, and their stainless steel finish makes them an eyecatcher in any kitchen.

TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff, well-known from the German television show “Coffee or Tea”, has selected the most important products from his gourmet kitchen and provided them with his personal seal of quality. Together with the traditional company SEVERIN, he is now bringing an exclusive gourmet series into German households named after his very own culinary philosophy “Cuisina Herba Barona”. With the support of continually new recipe ideas, gourmet cuisine becomes child’s play in one’s own four walls and impresses friends and family. And that to suit any time of year.

Fruity-fresh vitamin bomb
Freshly pressed juices from exotic fruits are a highlight at the breakfast table the world over. Whether it’s a smoothie with fresh limes in Brazil or juice with dragon fruit in Shanghai: “The world’s best hotels offer a rich selection of fresh, home-made juices and smoothies,” says the well-travelled top cook Peter Scharff, speaking from his own experience. They can be quickly consumed and have many healthy advantages. For friends of fresh-squeezed juices, the powerful professional ES 3569 Slow Juicer from SEVERIN is exactly the right choice. With an output of 150 watts and a capacity of approximately 1,000 millilitres (juice catch container), the vitamin bombs are prepared in no time. Thanks to the low speed of 59 rotations per minute, the Slow Juicer from SEVERIN enables an optimum juice yield while completely retaining all vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Using the included Frozen Fruit Insert, the Slow Juicer is just also excellently suited for producing refreshing sorbets (RRP: EUR 279.00).

For the production of tasty smoothies, SEVERIN puts out the 3710 blender on the market. The speed of the 6-vane cutting knife can be steplessly adjusted – at up to 200,000 rotations per minute. With a capacity of 1.5 litres and an output of 1,000 watts, the mixer not only chops up fruit and vegetables, but also nuts, various seeds and ice. “The blender is a true all-rounder,” says gourmet cook Scharff. "It combines a broad range of contents and also has an ice-crusher function, making it perfect for a cool cocktail. There’s no limit to the creativity possible in the kitchen“ (RRP: EUR 119.90).

Cooking to perfection
In the past the sous-vide cooker was reserved for top gastronomy. Now it turns up in normal kitchens for the first time and convinces any gourmet. With the sous-vide method, the food is vacuum-sealed in a special film and cooked at a constant low water temperature. "In this way the meat very gently achieves the desired core temperature, the valuable ingredients are preserved and the food being cooked becomes incomparably succulent and tender," explains TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff. For sous-vide cooking at home in your own kitchen, SEVERIN offers the SV 2447 Sous-Vide from the Gourmet Line and the FS 3609 Vacuum Sealer in its product range. Top cook Peter Scharff is really enthusiastic: "It's a huge advantage over conventional cooking. The sous-vide cooker not only provides for an intensive taste experience, it also contributes to a healthy diet" (RRP: EUR 179.90 and EUR 99.90).

Tasty waffles made to order
Following the main course all that’s missing is a delicious dessert: Waffles are popular with both young and old - not just as a dessert, but also with afternoon coffee. "The SEVERIN HM 3826 Hand Mixer is a practical helper for making waffle batter," says Peter Scharff. With its five speeds, it can be optimally adjusted to the various ingredients. It stirs and kneads any mixer contents to form a smooth mixture. The professional chef's advice: "The additional turbo speed can be switched on for maximum performance. With it even the thickest batter or dough is reliably kneaded." Thanks to the spiral cable, the cook is extremely flexible and can move freely in the kitchen. The soft-touch application enables pleasant working with a secure grip. Two stainless-steel beaters and dough hooks are included with the mixer (RRP: EUR 59.99).
Then the waffle batter is poured into the SEVERIN WA 2107 Automatic Waffle Maker. Just like the other Gourmet products, it convinces with its modern design. At the same time, it is highly heat-resistant, enabling it to be used for a broad range of applications. Regardless of whether they're sweet or savoury - any waffle can be baked quite simply. With the two-colour illuminated display, the time can be read off quickly and easily. And that enables exact monitoring of the baking time. The anti-fingerprint coating makes the automatic waffle maker easy to keep clean while preserving its exclusive appearance even when used continually (RRP: EUR 79.99).
The products of the Gourmet Line have been carefully selected and awarded the Peter Scharff seal of quality. "They are the basic equipment in any healthy, fresh gourmet kitchen," explains top chef Peter Scharff. With them now anyone can successfully cook dinner on a gourmet level at home. For maximum joy of cooking and dining pleasure.


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