fresh power by SEVERIN

fresh power by SEVERIN

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 13:45
fresh power by SEVERIN
high-performance appliances and high-energy enjoyment

Sundern, September 2016 – A healthy diet plays an increasingly important role in the lives of many people: More attention is being paid to nutritional values, vitamins and minerals to compensate for a lack of exercise in daily life. The fresh power product range by SEVERIN offers the right tips and kitchen helpers for this purpose: From the powerful Slow Juicer and Powerblender to a yoghurt maker or to a practical tea and a water kettle - this line has something for everyone. The name fresh power stands not only for high-performance appliances, but also for the energy gained from the products made.

It doesn’t always have to be orange juice!
The array of delicious pressable food ranges from “A” like “apple” to “G” like “grapes” and “K” like “kale” to “Z” like “zucchini.” In addition, there are also countless other possible irresistible combinations. The ES 3569 Slow Juicer is the right choice for anyone who likes to drink a lot of juices and frequently presses them themselves. With an output of 150 watts and a capacity of approx. 1,000 millilitres (juice catch container), gently pressed, vitamin-rich juices are prepared in no time. The low speed of 59 rpm ensures that a maximum of vitamins and minerals is preserved despite the high juice yield. The most impressive thing about the slow juicer: With the Frozen Fruits Attachment, refreshing, creamy sorbet or ice cream can be prepared from deep-frozen fruit in no time. (RRP € 279.00)

Drink to be fit!
Red, yellow or green, with nuts, almonds or chia seeds: Smoothies are more diverse than ever before and are extremely trendy! Whether as an occasional healthy snack or as a substitute for a meal: They provide new power and increased vitality. Those who make their smoothies at home can decide what they put in the blender. Use the SM 3710 Blender from the traditional company SEVERIN to conjure up perfect smoothies. With its output of 1.4 HP and special smoothie programme, the blender processes all ingredients into a creamy shake bursting with vitamins before you know it. The integrated measuring cup makes copying recipes child's play, while the removable blade unit is ideal for easy cleaning (RRP € 119.00). Here the following applies: The higher the share of vegetables, the healthier the smoothie is and the fewer calories it has. As a result, green smoothies, e.g. made from fresh spinach, avocado, cucumber, pineapple and coconut milk, are especially popular and healthy.

Yoghurt – exactly to my taste!
Yoghurt is a real allrounder. This fermented milk product is not only wholesome and easily digestible, it’s also good for bones and teeth. Regardless of whether it’s eaten at breakfast or as a dessert at lunchtime. But processed yoghurt from the refrigerated section is often full of additives, artificial flavours and sugar. That means it’s best for those who want to be certain what is actually in the yoghurt to make it themselves. For example, with the JG 3525 Yoghurt Maker from SEVERIN. The appliance has the capacity to produce seven 150 ml portions of the popular dairy product simultaneously. The handy timer function also allows the yoghurt maker to work overnight, switching itself off automatically once the preset processing time has elapsed. This enables fresh, natural yoghurt to be enjoyed at breakfast. And it can be brightened up with any desired ingredients. (RRP € 59.99)

Wait and see - and drink tea!
Tea isn’t just a beverage. Tea is intended to calm. One takes time for tea. And: Drinking tea is even healthy: For example, chamomile blossoms ease discomfort in the stomach and colon. Valerian, fennel or balm have a calming effect, mint refreshes and lime blossoms banish colds. In addition, they quench thirst and are low in calories. SEVERIN's WK 3471 Tea and Water Kettle is ideal for preparing various teas. On the one hand, it can be used as a traditional water kettle, but the detachable lid with integrated tea filter ensures that aromatic teas can also be brewed directly in the glass housing, eliminating the need for an additional teapot. Four different temperature settings ranging from 70 to 100 degrees can be activated via the touch operation system, while an overheating protection function guarantees safety. The handy keep-hot function also means the tea stays pleasantly hot for long periods after boiling. This tea kettle hasn't only convinced fans of the hot beverage - the WK 3471 was the clear winner of a test performed by the "Haus & Garten" (House & Garden) magazine, emerging victorious with a rating of "very good". (RRP € 109.90)

fit FOR FUN cooperation enters the second round
SEVERIN already entered into a far-reaching product cooperation with the leading fitness and lifestyle magazine in 2014. The cooperation now enters the second round: In addition to the Slow Juicer (ES 3567) and the Smoothie Mix & Go (SM 3735), now a Powerblender (SM 3740) and a Convection Deep Fryer (FR 2432) are also part of the much sought-after SEVERIN fit FOR FUN product range.

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