For the gourmet kitchen at home: the SEVERIN Sous-Vide Cooker:

For the gourmet kitchen at home: the SEVERIN Sous-Vide Cooker:

Tuesday, 27 September, 2016 - 11:00
For the gourmet kitchen at home: the SEVERIN Sous-Vide Cooker:
healthy enjoyment with gentle preparation

Sundern, September 2016 – Up until now sous-vide cookers were reserved for top gastronomy. The slow preparation of meat, fish and vegetables is also increasingly popular in private households. With the strong duo from SEVERIN, consisting of the SV 2447 Sous-Vide and the FS 3609 Vacuum Sealer, sous-vide cooking is now completely effortless at home as well. With sous-vide cooking, the food is vacuum-sealed in a special film and cooked at a constant low water temperature. "In this way the meat very gently achieves the desired core temperature, the valuable ingredients are preserved and the food being cooked becomes incomparably succulent and tender," says German TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff, speaking from his own experience.

The sous-vide method guarantees a completely new taste experience. The food is cooked in its own juice at low temperature. And that provides for an even more intense aroma. The low temperatures produce especially tender, juicy results. This method has existed since the 1970s.

Enjoyment at an exact temperature
The electronic temperature control of the sous-vide cooker between 40 and 99°C (maximum 1°C difference) enables exact cooking at low temperatures. "Whether it’s a roast or a salmon fillet - at lower temperatures it's much easier to achieve optimum conditions for perfect cook-ing results," reveals the TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff. "For when things don't get as hot as in a pan or in the oven, the temperature changes much more slowly during preparation." The results are quite convincing: The aroma and taste of the food being cooked are more intense, the important ingredients are preserved and it stays juicy and tender.
The cooking temperatures and times are based both on the type of food and on its volume. A beef steak with a thickness of 10 mm should be cooked at a temperature of 60-65°C for 20 minutes in the sous-vide cooker. For chicken with the same weight and volume, 63-65°C is best. Fish only requires a temperature of 55-60°C for 20 minutes. "Absolute freshness and top quality of the food prepared is the first commandment here," says Peter Scharff.
Due to the especially gentle preparation, most heat-sensitive vitamins and nutrients are preserved. Top cook Peter Scharff is really enthusiastic: "It's a huge advantage over conventional cooking. The sous-vide cooker not only provides for an intensive taste experience, it also contributes to a healthy diet. In addition, it's ideal for leaving a lasting impression on one's dinner guests," says Scharff. He presents a suitable recipe exclusively for SEVERIN: Salmon fillet with apricot chutney on a salad of wild herbs.

To avoid stress on the day of the dinner, the meal can already be prepared the previous day thanks to the 24 hour timer of the SV 2447. Even after several hours in the sous-vide cooker, meat and vegetables have a juicy taste and an attractive colour. The SV 2447 Sous-Vide from SEVERIN is an indispensable device for all discerning connoisseurs and those who want to become one.
The SV 2447 Sous-Vide Cooker from SEVERIN is available in shops for a recommended retail price of EUR 179.90. The FS 3609 Vacuum Sealer is offered for a RRP of EUR 99.99.

Recipe for a perfect culinary experience: Wild salmon fillet with apricot chutney on a salad of sesame and wild herbs.

For the salmon:
4 wild salmon fillets à 150 g
1 untreated lemon, cut in 12 thin pieces
1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper
110 ml roasted sesame oil
1,5 tbsp mixed, roasted black and white sesame seeds

For the chutney:
2 shallots, pealed and cut in stripes
100 ml dry white wine
4 cl champagne vinegar
6 halved and cored apricots
6 halved and dried apricots
½ cubed red pepper
1 cubed chilli pepper
brown cane sugar

For the Preparation:
80 g salad of wild herbs
4 tsp wild honey
Sea salt for the taste
8 slices freshly roasted baguette
fresh green coriander and a bush basil

First the SEVERIN Sous-Vide Cooker is filled with water and preheated to 50°C. The roasted sesame seeds are mixed with the sesame oil and the wild salmon fillets are seasoned with finely ground sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper and the spices are rubbed in. Cut the lemon slices in half and lay them over the salmon strips in the shape of a fan. Then all fillets are mixed with some sesame oil so that they are lightly coated with oil on all sides. This prevents them from sticking to the vacuum bag and enables them to be removed again easily after the cooking process. Lay the prepared salmon fillets next to each other in one or two vacuum bags and seal them air-tight with the SEVERIN FS 3609 vacuum sealer. The fillets are then gently cooked for 15 minutes in the bags floating in the SEVERIN Sous-Vide device.
While the salmon is cooking, put a tablespoon of sesame oil in a pan and sauté the shallots for the chutney. Then first add champagne vinegar and then white wine to the pan. Now place all the remaining ingredients for the chutney in the pan and allow everything to quietly simmer for about five minutes.
Mix the salad of wild herbs with some sesame oil, lightly salt and arrange in the centre of the plates as a base. After the cooking time, cut open the vacuum bags, remove the wild salmon fillets and place them on the salad. Season the chutney to taste with honey and sea salt and distribute about a teaspoon of it on the salmon strips. Arrange the remaining chutney and the sesame oil around the salad. Finally, pluck fresh green coriander and bush basil over the salmon and add two slices of freshly roasted baguette to the plate.


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