Elegant design, state-of-the-art technology and individual enjoyment

Elegant design, state-of-the-art technology and individual enjoyment

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 16:00
Elegant design, state-of-the-art technology and individual enjoyment
Perfect individuality with new coffee makers from SEVERIN

Sundern, September 2016 - Coffee is one of the favourite beverages, be it a cup of black gold as a stimulant in the morning or a creamy latte macchiato to relax over in the afternoon, or with a refreshing scoop of vanilla ice-cream on hot summer days. For optimum enjoyment, traditional German company SEVERIN has launched two new coffee makers on the market: the KA 4810 filter machine is equipped with an integrated grinder, ensuring that the coffee can be brewed freshly and according to the desired degree of grinding. The compact KV 8090 fully-automatic coffee machine not only makes aromatic coffee, but is also ideal for preparing espresso, tea and other hot beverages. With this exclusive range, the Sundern-based company is offering individual coffee pleasure at the touch of a button, complementing this with the SEVERIN in-house coffee brand, which is blended harmoniously to the devices' requirements.

The popular hot beverage coffee is no longer only viewed as a stimulant these days, but far more as a pleasure and lifestyle product instead. As a result, new trends abound as far as its preparation is concerned. In America, for example, the "cold brew coffee" is all the rage. Here, cold water is added to ground coffee and left to infuse for several hours. The outcome is a mild, yet highly aromatic coffee concentrate, which, when diluted with ice cubes, is an ideal summer refreshment. However, the favourite type of coffee remains the classic filter version. Over 70 per cent of coffee brewed at home comes from a filter machine.

State-of-the-art technology and elegant design
SEVERIN has launched the new KA 4810 coffee maker with grinder on the market in order to offer connoisseurs the ultimate in aromatic filter coffee. Prior to brewing, the coffee beans are freshly ground according the user's individual grinding specifications. The machine is also equipped with a three-level aroma selector for optimum coffee strength. And if you happen to be out of coffee beans, it's possible to deactivate the grinder and brew preground coffee. The timer function, which ensures you can enjoy freshly-brewed coffee without lifting a finger, is particularly handy. Besides the state-of-the-art technology, the machine also convinces thanks to its design: the stainless steel housing and LCD display make the KA 4810 a stylish centrepiece in any kitchen.

Streamlined, chic and modern - coffee temptation at the touch of a button
The KV 8090 fully-automatic coffee machine from SEVERIN results in effortless, delicious coffee at the flick of a switch. The stainless steel disk grinder with adjustable grinding degrees is very quiet, and produces the coffee of your choice - from fine to coarse. The prebrew function ensures an even more intense aroma. And all this in just a few minutes, as the "plug-in and go" function means that prior heating is no longer necessary. Coffee aficionados also really love their espresso. This little shot of black magic really perks you up, or can be mixed with warm, frothed milk from a milk frother, for example, and turned into a lip-smacking cappuccino. The KV 8090 fully-automatic coffee machine also boasts a speed mode, which produces a fragrant espresso from start to finish in just 45 seconds - no heating-up time required. A further feature of the KV 8090 means that not only coffee lovers get their money's worth. The appliance is also ideally suited to tea drinkers, as the hot water function guarantees that this beverage can also be prepared quickly.
In addition, the fully-automatic coffee machine by SEVERIN comes with a height-adjustable coffee spout, successfully accommodating cups of all sizes. The KV 8090 is equipped with a maximum pump pressure of 19 bar, and the integrated prebrew function ensures an even more intense coffee aroma. The machine features an intuitive user interface and is operated via a touch control system; illuminated displays provide additional operating instructions. The adjustable grinder is just 75 dB (A) and so quiet that carrying on conversations during the grinding process is absolutely no trouble. The fully-automatic coffee machine's economy mode also guarantees low power consumption, ensuring that the appliance switches itself off after one of three individually adjustable time intervals has passed. Cleaning the device is also easy thanks to the laterally removable brewing unit. With its streamlined design and grey-metallic/black glossy finish, it is the perfect complement to any modern kitchen and a testimony to the best of taste. A feast for the eyes - and for the palate.

The crowning glory
In the eyes of many, exquisitely frothed milk is the key to a delicious coffee. To achieve the correct consistency and temperature (not too cold, too hot or too firm), a perfect interplay of heat and air is required. The SM 9688 induction milk frother from SEVERIN is an expert when it comes to striking this crucial balance. This technology ensures that the milk is not scorched in the process (RRP 139.90 euros).

Combined coffee expertise from the Sauerland region
Coffee has been one of SEVERIN's core competencies for over 60 years. In order to continually optimise customers' coffee pleasure, the traditional German company is making every effort to drive forward developments in the coffee maker segment, and has additionally launched an exclusive coffee blend on the market in a collaboration with Langen Kaffee, a coffee roaster also based in the Sauerland region. Combined with the characteristics of the coffee beans, the expertise of the fully-automatic coffee machine results in an outstanding aroma and full-bodied taste.
The KA 4810 from SEVERIN is available for a RRP of 199.90 euros, and the KV 8090 for a RRP of 549.00 euros.


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