Breakfast trends with SEVERIN

Breakfast trends with SEVERIN

Friday, 30 September, 2016 - 14:00
Breakfast trends with SEVERIN

Sundern, September 2016 – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and as such it should be both substantial and balanced. So that people will once again take a little more time in the morning, the traditional German company SEVERIN shares the latest breakfast trends and provides the perfect kitchen equipment for this. From coffee machines to kettles to multimixers, its products cover all culinary bases.

Trend: Superfoods for that morning vitamin kick
Superfoods like the exotic goji and açai berries are quite literally on everyone's lips. The ber-ries boast a particularly high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. But it doesn't always have to be all about imported fruits: native blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants have a similarly positive health effect. Just put a variety of berries into the mixer and create a healthy smoothie by yourself. This can be done quickly and easily with the two-in-one Multimixer und Smoothie Mix & Go SM 3737 from SEVERIN. With its high-performance motor and the individual settings, you can adjust the speed individually according to the mixer content. Not just berries but seeds and nuts too are blended into a homogeneous mass – perfect for a delicious good morning smoothie. The lid with its refill opening and an integrated measuring jug for portioning the ingredients is an extremely useful feature. There is also a separate drinking vessel that you can take with you as a "smoothie-to-go" on trips, to the office or when doing sports (recommended retail price 79.99 Euros).

Trend: Low-carb means consciously choosing good carbohydrates
Another trend is low-carb, which pays attention to a proper carbohydrate intake. Cutting out carbohydrates entirely is however a widely-held misconception. Instead of denying carbohy-drates one should opt for whole-grain products that should also be eaten at the right time, for example for breakfast. Those who also enjoy a hot meal in the morning can't go wrong with a porridge made from oat flakes and water. This provides the body with valuable protein, vitamins and minerals. Porridge is also regarded as a breakfast that's extremely gentle on the stomach, and that at the same time keeps you feeling full for longer and regulates digestion. Make porridge in no time with the SEVERIN water boiler WK 3460. It has three selectable temperature settings, each of which can be adapted to the selected grain varieties and that allow the different flakes to optimally expand. The integrated keep-hot function keeps the water at its high temperature for longer and can also be used for a later, second breakfast (recommended retail price: 99.99 EUR).

Trend: Bulletproof coffee for enjoying coffee the healthy way
For early risers, there's nothing better than a freshly ground coffee that perks you up and ensures a good start to the day. The bulletproof coffee is a new coffee variety. This is more than just the latest fashion beverage, because it delivers many healthy advantages. Its ingredients boost your energy level and increase your ability to concentrate. It is based on freshly brewed coffee that can be made quite effortlessly with the SEVERIN coffee machines KA 4460 or KA 4462 from the SUPREME range. What makes the KA 4460 coffee machine special: It has a digital clock with a timer function that can be used to activate the brewing function. This ensures that the coffee is ready at the right time and that it remains hot thanks to the integrated hotplate. The special aroma function gives the coffee even more of an intense flavour. Some high-quality bio-butter and a spoonful of native coconut oil are added to the fresh coffee to create the bulletproof coffee. Putting the ingredients to the drinking vessel of the SEVERIN Multimixer SM 3737 will give the coffee a frothy consistency similar to Cappuccino, but healthier. And you can take this with you directly to work. (KA 4460 recommended retail price 79.99 EUR and KA 4462 recommended retail price 69.99 EUR)

Trend: Sweet potato toast from the toaster
Sweet potato toast is taking the place of bread at the breakfast table. The crisply toasted sweet potatoes are quick to prepare, low in calories and at the same time healthy. They also supplement the clean eating programme and are suitable for vegans and gluten-free diets. Simply wash the sweet potato tuber, dry it and cut it into slices approximately 1 cm thick. Then put the sweet potato onto a wooden skewer and place it twice in the SEVERIN automatic long-slot toaster AT 2260 at the maximum setting. Within just a short time you'll have delicious sweet potato toast that can be garnished with either sweet or savoury toppings. Thanks to its cooking time electronics with temperature sensor, bread slice centring and last but not least the freely selectable browning intensity, optimum toast browning is always guar-anteed. If breakfast is postponed until later, the sweet potato toast can be warmed up without intensifying the browning (recommended retail price: 59.99 EUR).


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